Howling Dogs Mobile Grooming
Our Terms And Conditions


We all hate terms and conditions, but we have to have them to allow ourselves to work to the best we can. Our Terms and Conditions contain the needed details which allow our clients to see and understand what is expected of them when we come to groom your beloved pet.

Flea Policy

Fleas cause not only your dog problems but also us, the groomers. If your pet is found to have fleas, we have a flea charge from £10.
Please read out infomation sheet below regarding fleas. We all hate fleas! We do a full check for fleas during the pre-groom consultation and will advise you if your dog needs to be treated. Any dogs found to have fleas will go straight into a flea bath with special shampoo to remove them. The van will also need to be treated to avoid cross contamination therefore we will make a charge of £10 per dog to cover the extra costs involved.

Minimum Charge

All grooms, nails, and washes have a minimum charge of £10.

Pet Condition

It is assumed that you will be looking after your pets coat regularly between appointments and that you will present your dog in a dry and un-matted state. Any condition other than ‘normal’ will most probably take us longer to deal with and will therefore incur additional charges.

Cancellations and Late Hand Over

When you make an appointment at Howling Dogs Grooming you are obliged to pay for it as we will turn away other clients under the assumption that you are wanting to allow us to groom your pet. If you must cancel, we would NEED at least 48 hours notice or a fee will be incurred on your next groom.
If you are more than 20 minutes late arriving back to us arriving at the agreed location of grooming and have not contacted us we will presume you are not showing and a fee be payable before another appointment can be made.
We work with other groomers within the area to understand dogs what are known as recurring no-shows.

Dangerous Dogs

You are expected to warn us before we do ANY grooming, we expect to be told at the time of booking that if your pet has bitten or has aggressive tendencies.
Howling Dogs Grooming have a strong NO MUZZLE policy, we always are willing to work with your pet to get them out of their bad habits. We have strong body protection we can put on, however, if this doesn’t work or we get injured we will have to refuse to groom if it represents a danger. Unless this has been discussed and agreed beforehand we reserve the right to turn away your dog without grooming it, however, the full price of the groom will still be charged because at that point we can’t fill your appointment.

Matted Coats

Us at Howling Dogs Grooming we have a non-matting policy in compliance with the Animal Welfare Act (2007) Section 5 which states that ‘all animals are to be protected from pain, injury, suffering and disease’. Attempting to brush out heavy matting would lead to a great deal of discomfort for any pet. Instead we will at all times advise clipping to remove any matted and damaged coat. If your pets coat has become matted, we require your permission to clip before we begin the groom. Where pets are heavily matted, an extra charge will be added to remove the coat, on top of the regular groom price.


We take extreme care to groom all pets in a safe, humane and professional manner. There is however, a chance that your pet could sustain an injury while on the table which could include (but is not limited to) a nick, cut, mark or burn from the scissors or clippers.
Hygiene, clean face and clean feet can cause irritation until the dogs skin becomes accustomed to a short cut. The client is always responsible for any irritation that occurs.
We will always advise you of any known injuries caused whilst in our care, but should any be found after pick-up, you will need to contact us within 24 hours to report them and to discuss amicable any treatment necessary.


We are very lucky to be able to offer grooms and plays once a week this is normally on a Tuesday or Wednesday at our partner Doodely Dogs, in Storrington.

To use this service all dogs must be in daycare either all day or for either an AM or PM stay, unfortunately, we are unable to offer an appointment for grooms without a play while we are working from the daycare.

This is due to the daycares exercise routine for the dogs it means that if the dog is in the exercise yard, we will start one of the others and depending on how good/ bad the coat condition is will determine how long each groom will take.

We are also unable to look after dogs in the van as we don’t have the space.

We offer AM or PM slots so if your dog is having a groom with us needs to be either all day or AM or PM.

In very Exceptional circumstances and with prior arrangements we can offer an appointment on one of our quiet days for an additional fee.

Arrival Time

We always aim to be ontime, or before! However, we always recommend that you allow yourself to be at home 60 minutes before we arrive. If we are running hours ahead we will try and contact you, the same if we are running hours behind.
But please allow one hour for each side of the groom for us to arrive before contacting us, we are very busy and traffic is getting worse!
We we have arrived early and you are not home, we will try and contact you, we will then wait until the groom time is due and if you are not there by 10 minutes after the groom time we will move along to the next dog.

Contact Details

It is down to yourself to contact us regarding any details changed, such as phone numbers, address, gate codes, etc.


With us being in a van most of our clients allow us to use their drive way, or have a area where we can park up. However, if there is no where to park we will have to take your dog else wear, we NEED to be notified if parking will be a issue at the time of booking so we can arrange the fuel costs what are listed in the POWER section.
Our van is a 3.2M long wheel base, 3.5 ton, so fairly big.


We require power for the van. We connect to a basic 3 pin wall adaptor. Our van is fitted with modern power surge protection and a power break system. However, some older houses may not trigger the power break system or may supply to much power to our van what could cause the plug to heat up. If there is any damage done to a plug socket such as melting we are NOT at fault for this as we have done all that is possible to avoid this. We do have two different style power break systems we can use, if you want to use one of these systems please let us know when we arrive.
If for any reason we can’t use power, or have to take your dog elsewhere we will have to add a extra charge of £5 per dog for the use of our generator.


We take payment via Cash, Card & Bacs**.
**Bacs need to be paid within 24 hours or a £10 fee will be added. We have bills to pay, just like you! If you underpay we will notify you, sometimes we make mistakes and add up wrong when telling you your final price. If we find we have done this we will notify you and request the extra. This can be done via card payment online, or bacs, or cash at the next appointment.


To view our Emmi Pet policy, please click here: EMMI PET POLICY

Loyalty Scheme

We started a scheme a few years ago regarding 12 grooms and you will either get a FREE or HALF PRICE groom.
Unfortunately due to extra costs these are unable to be used after the 1st April 2021. We can only offer a 10% discount to anyone who already have a filled one up what was due to be completed.
If we have agreed before the 1st April 2021 that we will do the next groom free/half-price, that will stay go ahead.